Get your party started with Mayfield.

 With an extensive repertoire of classic country and current chart toppers, Mayfield has something for every generation of country music lover. Mayfield has performed in a variety of settings from corporate events to weddings to Stampede & private house parties. We have had the honour of opening up for Aaron Pritchett during Stampede 2013, playing at the National Conservative Party Convention, as well as performing at private functions for professional athletes. Mayfield has been entertaining the Calgary area for the last 3 years. Combining an entertaining stage show with professionalism and proficiency, they are a perfect choice for your next special event.

jay_headshotJay Brazeau {Lead vocals & Acoustic guitar}
This choir boy, turned punk rocker, turned metal lord, turned country frontman graduated with a Bachelor of Music from Rocky Mountain College. His smooth vocals have been known to woo the ladies and captivate audiences for many years. Jay has an affinity for ice cold India pale ales, the Seattle Seahawks, and pets with human names. He has been known to accept gigs in exchange for cuddles with cats named Bruce.

rachelle_headshotRachelle Babcock {Lead Vocals}
Rachelle spent her college days nerding out over music theory, board games, and travelling with musical groups. She eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree. Rachelle was basically born holding a microphone, and let’s just say, no one can compete with her sweet harmony skills. Or as Rachelle might say “totes supes maj awesome harm skillz”.

jill3_headshotJill Hoff {Keys & Vocals}
Every band needs a crazy person right? The closest we’ve got is Jill, a self proclaimed “Crazy Cat Lady”. Not much can make her happier than cats, coffee, cats, her friends, cats, the smooth sounds of John Mayer, Luke Bryan, and John Legend, and oh yeah…cats! She has been singing since she could remember, and is pretty sure that Ariel, The Little Mermaid, had a huge hand in her aspirations for music. She is currently serving as a vocal coach, and music pastor.

mitch_headshotMitch Jay {Guitar, Banjo & Vocals}
Thankfully for us, Mitch left his speed skates and spandex on the ice, in exchange for a guitar and the dream of being a rock star. He graduated with his Bachelor of Music and has never looked back. His flowing locks and manly beard seem to have some sort of magical power that makes all the men want to be him, or at least be around him… Just ask Ben.

ben_headshotBen Put {Bass}
You’d be surprised to learn how multi-talented our group is, take Ben for example. Not only does he hold a diploma in Jazz Performance but also a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, obviously resulting in one bad ass bassist. He can also school the most knowledgeable nerd in Pokemon trivia, and skillfully craft one mean cappuccino, as evidenced by his Canadian Barista Champion title.

derek_headshotDerek Wiens {Guitar}
Our baby of the group, Derek is currently shredding his way through the Grant MacEwan Music Diploma Program. And yes ladies, he is single! You can usually find him after the show by following the long line up of girls hoping to catch a few minutes with him.

doug_headshotDoug Cousins {Drums}
Doug has been laying down sweet beats for nearly 20 years, under the influence of country and rock ‘n’ roll music. He attributes his youthful glow to rockin’ a wallet chain, spiking his hair and always having a smile on his face. There is nothing Doug wouldn’t do for a plate of cheese and crackers. That’s a hot tip for anyone trying to get on his good side.